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Imagine No Malaria

No to MalariaYour UMFCU loan could help fight malaria

The United States was able to eliminate malaria in the 1950s. Thus, making it all the more difficult to imagine that today, malaria claims another life in Africa every 60 seconds.

At United Methodist Federal Credit Union, we believe strongly that if everyone does their part, we can eradicate malaria once and for all. Malaria is preventable, treatable and curable. There is no reason it should be senselessly ending so many lives.

To do our part, we will be donating $25 for each loan of $5,000+ funded through our credit union to Imagine No Malaria. These donations will go toward the life-saving mosquito nets, medication and medical training that Africa so desperately needs.

Donations will be made with the following loans:

Together, we can create a malaria free future.

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