Don’t Tax My Credit Union

As your credit union, our number one priority is serving you, our members. As a member-owned, volunteer-based not-for-profit, you are our owners, our investors, our benefactors and most of all, our friends and family. We don’t often ask for your help, but now, we need it.

Congress is considering an overhaul of the federal tax code. As part of the discussion, they are threatening to implement taxation on credit unions. 

Credit Union Benefits Stand at Risk
This taxation discussion threatens all of the reasons our members and the members of credit unions around the nation love credit unions:

  • Low or no fees
  • Higher interest on savings
  • Lower interest rates on loans
  • Great and personal member service

Though credit unions are made up of 96 million people around the nation, we only hold 6% of all financial assets while banks hold the rest. So, not only will it not help the budget deficit, but it stands to dramatically change and even eliminate credit unions as a financial choice for consumers.
Please join us as we take action to prevent this.
Take Action.
We’ve made it easy. Click on the following link to send an email to congress now:   
Watch this brief video to learn more.